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Betsy Ross flag deemed symbol of ‘hate’ by American professional sports league



History revisionism is running amok in the 21st century, with no end in sight to the madness.

We, as human beings, are constantly evolving our culture and our society as we become ever-more aware of our past-tense trespasses against one another.

For millennia we believed that slavery was okay, based on vile and dehumanizing racist ideals.  We locked whole swaths of mankind in shackles, forced them to complete our every command, and did so with near impunity.  The pyramids, the Parthenon, and the plantation were all created under these abhorrent auspices.

But we learned.  It took far, far too long, but we have eradicated nearly all of the planet’s institutional slavery through understanding, advocacy, and empathy.

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How to approach the legacy of slavery is something that has been debated for decades upon decades in America.  We must continually expose the horrors of the practice in order to refrain from watering its deep-seated, hateful roots, but where is that line drawn?  For some, the knife’s edge lies with Thomas Jefferson or the Civil War.  For others, however, it lies within almost anything that existed at the time of slavery, including the Betsy Ross flag.

The flag, featuring the iconic circle of thirteen stars representing the original 13 colonies, came under attack earlier this year after politically-involved footballer Colin Kaepernick decried Nike’s proposed use of the flag on a special edition sneaker.  His complaint was that the flag simply existed at a time in which Americans owned slaves.

Now, on the heels of this controversy, (no pun intended), America’s Major League Soccer is banning the display of the flag at its matches, believing that this version of the American flag is “hate speech”.

America’s premier soccer league, Major League Soccer, has declared the red, white, and blue Betsy Ross flag a “symbol for hate groups” and banned a couple in Utah from waving it at games.

A Utah couple who were in attendance at a Major League Soccer Real Salt Lake game says they were told by stadium officials to put away their Betsy Ross flag because the original flag of the American Revolution is a “symbol for hate groups.”

According to Randolf and Diana Scott, the league now claims that the flag, one of America’s earliest national banners, has been adopted by “hate groups,” according to Fox News.

Members of the Real Salt Lake front office also parroted that bizarre sentiment.

“Recently, and very controversially as well as surprising to us, the Colonial flag has been adopted as a symbol for hate groups,” Real Salt Lake Chief Business Officer Andy Carroll told Fox. “Any controversial flags or other similar banners or signs with symbols of hatred, divisiveness and/or intolerance whether intentional or otherwise will not be permitted in our stadiums. Period.”

Major League Soccer has recently enacted a new policy that disallows any political statements from being displayed by a team’s supporters, regardless of the message.  This led to a silent protest by fans of the Seattle Sounders and the Portland Timbers just weeks ago.

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Houston Astros Suffer Embarrassment at Hands of Chicago Little Leaguers

Astros players are sure to get beaned by the dozens this year, but this may be the rebuke that hurts the most.



There are few things in the sporting world more despicable than cheating in baseball.  This is the national pastime after all, and an American tradition like no other.

If you were to make a list of the most American things out there, the top of that list would be cowboys, apple pie, and baseball – and not necessarily in that order.

So when the Houston Astros were caught stealing signs throughout the 2017 and 2018 seasons, with the team having won the World Series in the first of those years, the American people were rightfully peeved.  We see this as a sullying of the sport’s good name, and we expect there to be retribution.

It won’t be surprising to hear some cheering as Astros batters get plunked throughout their 2020 campaign.

But perhaps the most painful recourse that the Astros face will come from little leaguers around the nation.

Little League decision-makers from California to Pennsylvania have started a movement banning the “Astros” name from their youth teams as a result of the organization’s electronic sign-stealing scandal. That, coupled with the team’s perceived lack of contrition, has drawn ire from MLB players and the general public alike.

Over the weekend, a pair of Little Leagues in California — Long Beach and East Fullerton — both outlawed the use of the “Astros” nickname among their teams.

“Parents are disgusted,” Long Beach Little League president Steve Klaus told the Orange County Register. “They are disgusted with the Astros and their lack of ownership and accountability. We know there’s more to this scandal. What’s coming tomorrow? With the Astros, you’ve got premeditated cheating.”

The movement is likely to spread as the weather warms, and as the Major Leagues continued to struggle with the fallout from this incorrigible scandal.

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POTUS Prepares to Take LITERAL Victory Lap at Daytona 500 After Impeachment Acquittal

There’s nothing subtle about it.



Reelection campaigns are always a little bit giddy, by nature.  Incumbent Presidents almost always get reelected, after all, focusing these second term contests on the other side, attempting to get in the head of your opponents before the next election.  Predicting the next move from your political opponent is key, and when trying to beat an incumbent, the lesser side will have to show its entire hand.

Knowing what they’re holding allows their opponents to craft a candidate with the unique strengths necessary to win, rinse and repeat, ad nauseam, forever and ever.

In the case of President Donald Trump, this reelection effort has been almost celebratory, as the Democrats continues to flounder late into the nomination process.  As such, Trump’s mind is at ease, and he’s not afraid to let the world know this.

President Trump’s appearance at the Daytona 500 on Sunday may feature a guest appearance from the presidential limousine known as “The Beast.”

Trump is planning to take a lap around the track at Daytona International Speedway prior to the venerable NASCAR event, Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts reported on Friday, citing multiple sources familiar with the matter. Plans have not yet been finalized.

NASCAR named Trump the grand marshal of the Daytona 500, marking the first time a sitting president has held the honor. He is the latest of several presidents to visit the historic race.

For some, this literal lap represents the figurate victory lap that Trump may feel entitled to after escaping the Democrats’ attempts to have him removed from office via impeachment.

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Astros Manager Crying to MLB Upper Brass: ‘Make Them Stop Picking On Us’

MLB, Houston has a problem.



Two things are true when it comes to America’s national pastime:  The is no crying in baseball, and honor is the unwritten rule.

Baseball is a game like few others, where the nuances of the game are the most fascinating.  Sure, home runs are impressive and loud and brash.  The unique thwack of a 100+ mph ball colliding with a well-worn pitchers mitt, followed by the audible ooh’s of those in the know.

The layers of mystique in baseball are what allows the game to persist.  If you know a hitter’s strengths and weaknesses, the game goes that much deeper for you.  If you know the history, the backstory of today’s event, you’re going to be more in-tune to what is really going on between the dugouts.  And with 160-odd games per year for each team, there is no shortage of backstory.

But this intangible quality to the enjoyment of baseball has its downside too.  The game is hard to police, even with the controversial advent of video replay, and the seemingly unstoppable dirge toward robotic strike zones.

Yes, cheating does occur, and because the rest of the sport understands the risks they take in this perfectly-imperfect game, those who run afoul of the spirit of sportsmanship don’t often get second chances.

Now, as the Houston Astros begin 2020 training under the cloud of their sign-stealing scandal, newly minted manager Dusty Baker knew that he’d have an uphill battle ahead of him.

But now he’s whining about it and, as we mentioned earlier, there is no crying in baseball.

New Houston manager Dusty Baker would like Major League Baseball to prohibit more negative comments and possible retaliation from opposing pitchers for the Astros sign stealing scandal.

“It’s not good for the game, it’s not good for kids to see it, so I think both,” Baker said Saturday. “Stop the comments and also stop something before it happens.”

Bakers comments came in response to a slew of negative comments during spring training about the Astros illegal use of video to steal signs in 2017 and 2018. Los Angeles Dodger first baseman Cody Bellinger said Friday the Astros “stole” the 2017 World Series title from them. He added Jose Altuve stole the MVP trophy from Aaron Judge.

Baker went on to express concern that Houston batters could face the wrath of opposing pitchers, and rumors of premeditated retaliations for the cheating.

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Super Bowl Winner Chiefs’ Coach Not Hiding His Excitement to Visit White House

Reid has had a long and storied career in the NFL already, having bounced from team to team for a number of years before finally winning his first Super Bowl over the weekend.



At times, politics can be a bit of a virus, infecting any number of the other, more peaceful facets of our cultural existence.

Sports is often a place where the presence of politics is frowned upon, sneered at, or actively attacked.  This is because we as humans turn to sports to escape.  We play because these individual efforts are to the betterment of both our physical and mental health, and we watch in order to live vicariously and find a sense of community.

Politics, on the other hand, is often seen as a detriment to our health, and many of us certainly don’t seek out ever-more of it…for any reason.  We’re actively working to avoid the mention of this ugly and divisive process, especially in situations that were recently void of such sports.

So when championship-winning players and coaches use their platform to make a statement by declining to visit the White House, much of America rolls her eyes.

Coach Andy Reid of the recent Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs isn’t to be counted among the aforementioned rabble-rousers.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid says that if President Trump extends an invite to celebrate Kansas City’s Super Bowl win at the White House, he’s going to go.

The Chiefs completed one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history, en route to securing the franchise’s first championship in 50 years. After the game, Reid was asked if he would go to the White House to celebrate the win.

“I mean, I’ll be there,” Reid said. “I’ll be there. If they’re inviting us, I’ll be there. It’s quite an honor, I think.”

Reid has had a long and storied career in the NFL already, having bounced from team to team for a number of years before finally winning his first Super Bowl over the weekend.

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Kansas City Chiefs Coach: It Would Be ‘An Honor’ To Celebrate Super Bowl Win At The White House



Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid says it would be ‘an honor’ to celebrate their Super Bowl win at the White House.

“If they’re inviting us, I’ll be there. It’s quite an honor, I think.”


Chiefs coach Andy Reid says that if President Trump extends an invite to celebrate Kansas City’s Super Bowl win at the White House, he’s going to go.

The Chiefs completed one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history, en route to securing the franchise’s first championship in 50 years. After the game, Reid was asked if he would go to the White House to celebrate the win.

“A congratulatory trip to the White House was a longstanding tradition for any team following either a league title or national championship,” Yahoo Sports reports. “That tradition, though, has shifted significantly since Trump took office.”

While some NFL teams have resisted going to the White House for political reasons, most notably the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018, who had their invite revoked after at least a score of players refused to attend, many recent champions have made the trip. More

Outstanding, suck on that Richard Sherman. Could someone please tell him that he has to win to be invited to the White House before he can decline the invitation.

Any real American goes to the White House when invited, even if the President isn’t “your guy.” 
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Arrest Warrant Issued for Odell Beckham After He Spanked Cop During LSU Locker Room Celebration

An arrest warrant appears to have been issued for Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr.



An arrest warrant appears to have been issued for Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. after he allegedly swatted a cop’s rear-end in the LSU Tigers locker room last weekend.

Beckham was in the LSU locker room after the college team beat Clemson to take the 2019 championships last Sunday.

But the celebration in the locker room started going all sorts of wrong.

Video taken in the locker room as the LSU Tigers celebrated their big win over Clemson seems to show Odell Beckham swatting a police officer’s rear end.

The incident occurred on Sunday as a police officer confronted several of the players, including quarterback Joe Burrow, who were smoking cigars in the locker room.

The officer was demanding that the players put out their cigars. The officer was reportedly even threatening to arrest the players. But as the officer is seen in the video haranguing the players, it appears that Beckham takes some action of his own.

In a video posted on Tigers lineman Adrian Magee’s Instagram account, Beckham appears to sidle up to give the cop a smack on the rear.

For a while there was no word if the officer intends to press any charges against Beckham, or any of the smoking players, at that.

But now, an arrest warrant for Beckham for simple battery has been issued on Thursday in New Orleans, according to WBRZ.

The possible assault on the officer is not the only problem Beckham faces. He was seen handing out cash to players after the Tigers’ championship win. The school has since claimed that the cash was “fake.”

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Houston Astros Fire Two Managers in Massive Cheating Scandal

The Houston Astros fired manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow after Major League Baseball suspended them.



On Monday, the Houston Astros fired manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow after Major League Baseball suspended them for a year due to accusations of sign-stealing.

The Astros’ actions came only an hour after the managers were suspended for the far-reaching investigation into a scheme to steal signals from rival teams, an act that some say taints the Astros’ 2017 World Series win.

An MLB investigation maintains that during the 2017 and 2018 seasons the Astros chiefs used a series of cameras and video monitors to scrutinize signs by opposing catchers then relayed those signs to their batters to prepare them for pitches. Along with the suspensions, the league fined the team five million dollars and took away two of its draft picks for both 2020 and 2021.

Astros owner Jim Crane noted that once the league handed down its ruling, he fired Hinch and Luhnow. “We need to move forward with a clean slate. [We] will not have this happen again on my watch,” Crane said. Crane also said he was unaware of the scheme.

The investigation into sign stealing also threatens to engulf Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora, who was bench coach for the Astros in 2017. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s investigation claims that Cora was an active participant in the scheme.

The league continues to allow sign stealing if done visually on the field, but electronic devices are banned from use. But the winning stats in Houston’s Minute Maid Park seems to show how effective the electronic devices were as the team had a 8-1 record at home but only a 3-6 record on the road where they were not able to use their sign-stealing tech.

Still, despite the obvious disparity, the league will not invalidate the team’s 2017 World Series Title.

In his statement, Commissioner Manfred said that the Astros’ scandal “caused fans, players, executives at other MLB Clubs and members of the media to raise questions about the integrity of games in which the Astros participated. And while it is impossible to determine whether the conduct actually impacted the results on the field, the perception of some that it did causes significant harm to the game.”

Manfred also added that most of the Astros player “received sign information from the scheme or participated in the scheme by helping to decode signs.” Still, no individual player will be punished.

“Assessing discipline of players for this type of conduct is both difficult and impractical,” Manfred said. “It is difficult because virtually all of the Astros’ players had some involvement or knowledge of the scheme, and I am not in a position based on the investigative record to determine with any degree of certainty every player who should be held accountable, or their relative degree of culpability.”

Hinch apologized to the league on Monday for his part in the scheme: “I regret being connected to these events, am disappointed in our club’s actions within this timeline, and I accept the Commissioner’s decision. As a leader and Major League Manager, it is my responsibility to lead players and staff with integrity that represents the game in the best possible way. While the evidence consistently showed I didn’t endorse or participate in the sign stealing practices, I failed to stop them, and I am deeply sorry.”

Luhnow, though, denied having any detailed knowledge of the scheme. But Manfred’s investigation claimed that Luhnow did know, but just did not pay it much attention.

“I am not a cheater. . . . I did not know rules were being broken,” Luhnow said in a statement. He continued saying, the scheme “was executed by lower-level employees working with [Cora]. I am deeply upset that I wasn’t informed of any misconduct because I would have stopped it.”

Along with the one-year suspensions for Hinch and Luhnow, former Astros assistant general manager Brandon Taubman was also handed a suspension through the end of the 2020 season. Taubman had already been fired after unleashing a rant against female reporters last October.

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