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Bernie Bashes Billionaire Bloomberg Over Big-Time Ad Buy

Just what the Democratic Party needed: Two wealthy, old, white guys arguing about the importance of “grassroots” cash.



The Democrat spats are continuing this week, as a couple of wealthy, white, north-easterners look poised to butt heads out on the campaign trail.

2020’s primary season has been a difficult one for the Democrats.  Not only had they been forced to contend with an overzealous and incredibly radical base, but the sheer glut of candidates who jumped into the fray put a damper on the proceedings from the start.  Americans knew that they would soon be fatigued with the leftists circus, and were preparing for disappointment accordingly.

Now, as if to further demonstrate how silly the entire process has become, we have a squabble between three-house-owning, millionaire Senator Bernie Sanders, and the billionaire former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg over the cost of running a campaign.

Reports emerged on Friday that Bloomberg, who filed a statement of candidacy on Thursday, also purchased a $33 million ad buy, which will span across 99 cities from November 23 through December 3, 2019, according to the New York Post. The buy comes despite the fact that the former New York City mayor has yet to formally announce his intention to run for president.

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Sanders, a fierce critic of Bloomberg, said in a statement that he is “disgusted” by Bloomberg’s latest move and suggested that it is symbolic of the billionaire’s inability to garner grassroots support.

“I’m disgusted by the idea that Michael Bloomberg or any other billionaire thinks they can circumvent the political process and spend tens of millions of dollars to buy our elections,” Sanders said in a statement.

“It’s just the latest example of a rigged political system that we are going to change when we’re in the White House,” he continued.

Bernie may wish to reconsider this shortsighted view, however, and take a peek from the proverbial 30,000 feet, because grassroots cash is not going to impede the full-steam-ahead fundraising machine over on the right side of the aisle.


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Biden Apologizes for Fat-Shaming Constituent at Town Hall Gone Wrong

Biden simply snapped, and he’s now acknowledging his hurtful words.



Americans knew that former Vice President Joe Biden was going to be a handful out on the campaign trail, but perhaps no one imagined that the events of the last 48 hours were even possible.

Biden, who maintains a somewhat tenuous lead over the rest of the 2020 Democratic field, in known for his gaffes, mistruths, and outdated anecdotes.  He’s also one of the most easily frustrated Democrats on the trail, a fact evidenced by an incident earlier in the week.

As the former Vice President was conversing with undecided voters in Iowa, one such constituent had a query for Biden regarding his son’s business in Ukraine.  “Sleepy” Joe snapped, called the man a “damn liar”, and proceeded to berate him while approaching him in a menacing manner.

“You’re a damn liar, man, that’s not true,” Biden boomed as the man continued to argue that “you don’t have a backbone… any more than Trump.” When the man finally told Biden he wouldn’t vote for him, Biden replied, “I knew you weren’t voting for me.”

When the healthy-looking voter separately stated his concern over Biden’s advanced age, the former Vice President challenged him to a pushup contest.  That confrontation was seen by some as a form of fat-shaming.

Biden acknowledged this a day later.

“I probably shouldn’t have challenged him to pushups,” Biden told reporters ahead of a campaign event with former Secretary of State John Kerry, conceding that difficult questions are par for the court for presidential candidates.

In an attempt to quell the blowback from the former vice president fat-shaming the voter, a senior Biden campaign said that the candidate used the word “facts” instead of “fat” before launching into a tirade against the man.

The combative exchange occurred on the same day that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi berated a reporter on Capitol Hill for asking a question regarding Georgia Rep. Doug Collins during her weekly press conference.

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Bloomberg Insults Entire 2020 Field with One Sentence Praising Donald Trump’s Tenacity

Bloomberg is in desperate need of a bump in the polls, but this isn’t likely the way to accomplish it.



Michael Bloomberg needs a miracle, that’s for sure.

The billionaire former NYC Mayor entered the 2020 presidential race extremely late, well after a number of other candidates had come and gone.  He arrived to a contest whose frontrunners were already galvanizing their supporters and beginning to lob their attacks toward the White House instead of one another.

And, to top it all off, he’s only managed to garner a meager following at best, consistently polling at under 5%.

Now, in what appears to be an effort to reinvigorate himself, Bloomberg is taking a swipe at every other Democrat in the race, while also sending a backhanded compliment President Trump’s way.

Mike Bloomberg says he’s not just another billionaire running for president. In an exclusive interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King, Bloomberg spoke about President Trump, the other Democratic candidates including former Vice President Joe Biden, his own complicated history on the issue of race and policing, and why he chose to enter the campaign so late.

From that interview:

KING: What happened between September and now?

BLOOMBERG: I looked at our national government getting worse, the way we’re behaving overseas and domestically, led by our president. I said back in 2016, “He is the wrong person for the job. He doesn’t have the temperament or the ethics or the intellect to do the job.” And I said, “We just can’t have another four years of this.” And then I watched all the candidates. And I just thought to myself, “Donald Trump would eat ’em up.”

Bloomberg’s concern over Trump’s ability to “eat up” the other candidates isn’t unique among the Democrats in 2019, with the electability of the eventual nominee consistently being touted as perhaps the most important feature for voters.

That’s because, quite simply, the Democratic Party isn’t interested in running the country efficiently – they are only hoping to defeat Donald Trump.

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With the End of Kamala Harris, the ‘Inclusive’ Dem. Party Set For All-White Debate

Now that Kamla Harris has quit her losing quest for president, the next Democrat presidential debate is set to be an all-white affair.



Now that Kamla Harris has quit her losing quest for president, the next Democrat presidential debate is set to be an all-white affair as so far only the white candidates have been approved for inclusion.

Harris had qualified for the upcoming Democrat debate, but on Tuesday the California Senator announced the end of her campaign for the 2020 Democrat nomination for president.

Harris, who was never able to get more than a few percent support in the Democrat polls, said that she can’t see a “path forward” to the nomination. “So, to you my supporters, it is with deep regret — but also with deep gratitude — that I am suspending my campaign today,” she said.

But with Harris exiting the stage, that leaves only the white candidates approved for the “inclusive” party’s debates.

So far, only six Democrat candidates have been officially invited to the debate: former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, and billionaire Democratic donor and climate change nutcase Tom Steyer.

So, the “diverse” party has thus far excluded Sen. Cory Booker, businessman Andrew Yang, Rep. Julian Castro, Rep. Tulsi Gabard, and former gov. Deval Patrick.

According to the Democrat National Committee, Booker, Yang, and Gabbard have met some of the requirements for inclusion, but still have not hit the needed polling numbers to be included.

Naturally, many liberals are crying that the fact that no minorities will be on stage despite that there are plenty of them in the hunt for the nomination is proof of racism.

Lefties took to Twitter to leave their primal screams:

In fact, the situation sponsored the Twitter hashtag “#PrimariesSoWhite,” that briefly hit the “trending” list on Tuesday.

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Sayonara Kamala! 2020 Long Shot Makes Long Overdue Announcement

We’ve seen this coming since February, if we’re honest.



For well over nine months now, the writing has been on the wall for Senator Kamala Harris’ bid for the Democratic primary in 2020.

It was back in February that Harris foolishly attempted to defend her record as a hard-nosed prosecutor by joking about “smoking marijuana” and “listening to Tupac” when grilled in an interview about her tough treatment of non-violent drug offenders.  Worse still, the story was a lie – a fact that only took several minutes for the internet to discover.  Then, to top it all off, Kamala made the ill-advised attempt at humor during Black History Month.


This incident sent Harris’ polling numbers crashing down into the low single digits, where they have remained since.

Now, someone in her camp has finally pulled the plug on the long-doomed campaign.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) ended her bid for the White House on Tuesday amid dropping poll numbers and reports of turmoil in her campaign.

“I’ve taken stock and looked at this from every angle, and over the last few days have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life. My campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial resources we need to continue,” Harris said in a statement. “I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete.”

“In good faith, I can’t tell you, my supporters and volunteers, that I have a path forward if I don’t believe I do,” the California Democrat concluded.

The development comes after Harris canceled a Tuesday fundraiser at the Paul Weiss law firm in New York City over what her campaign described as a “personal matter,” reports CNBC. The event, which was expected to draw Wall Street investors Marc Lasry and Blair Effron, had not been rescheduled by the campaign.

The Democratic Senator’s exit from the race should act as a catalyst for others to abandon their ill-fated bids as well, allowing the Democratic Party to finally get down to business of trying to push Joe Biden over the top despite his constant, creepy gaffes.


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Trump Campaign Stops Credentialing Bloomberg News Since It Stopped Stories on Democrats

The Trump campaign says it will no longer offer press credentials to Bloomberg News.



The Trump campaign says it will stop validating press credentials for Bloomberg News after the so-called news agency announced last month that it would no longer be doing any negative stories about Democrats running for president in 2020.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale announced the decision on Monday, a week after Bloomberg’s editors announced that with the entrance into the race for president by their owner, Michael Bloomberg, the “news” agency would no longer be writing any negative stories about Democrats, The Hill reported.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg News made no such pledge about ending negative stories about Trump.

According to the Trump campaign, by refusing to conduct investigative reporting on Democrats, Bloomberg News all but formalized “preferential reporting policies” for Democrats.

Parscale said that with this being the case, there is no reason to allow Bloomberg to have access to the Trump re-election campaign.

“Since they have declared their bias openly, the Trump campaign will no longer credential representatives of Bloomberg News for rallies or other campaign events,” Parscale said in a statement. “We will determine whether to engage with individual reporters or answer inquiries from Bloomberg News on a case-by-case basis. This will remain the policy of the Trump campaign until Bloomberg News publicly rescinds its decision.”

After the campaign’s announcement, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel reported that the Republican Party would also stop credentialing Bloomberg reporters for official events.

“Media outlets should be independent and fair, and this decision proves that Bloomberg News is neither.,” McDaniel tweeted on Monday.

This is all exactly the right move to make. After all, with Bloomberg’s announcement that it was all in for the Democrats and intended to use its “news” service to cover for the left, there is no reason to treat Bloomberg as a legitimate news agency.

Bloomberg should be forever tainted by last week’s announcement, a gaffe that should serve as proof that its “reporting” is too biased to believe.

Bloomberg is officially the epitome of fake news.

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Joe Biden Claims He ‘Spent A Lot of Time’ with Kim Jong Un Despite Having NEVER Met Him

Joe Biden claimed that he has “spent a lot of time” with North Korean dictator Kim Jong un despite the little fact that Joe has never even met the man!



Creepy Joe Biden just keeps rambling about this he knows nothing about, doesn’t he? This time he exclaimed that he has “spent a lot of time” with North Korean dictator Kim Jong un despite the little fact that Joe has never even met the man!

Seriously. Biden has never been in the North Korean leader’s presence. Not. One. Time.

Yet, Joe just told an audience in Iowa that he is the better candidate because he has all this foreign policy experience.

Last Saturday, Biden was heard insisting that all the Norks know him well.

“You’re gonna have to assume that position from the moment they are sworn in on January the 20th and know the rest of the world knows that person — in this case, me — and that I know them,” the former vice president said of dealing with world leaders.

Biden continued saying, “Putin has no illusions about whether I know him or not. Kim Jong Un is another person [who knows] whether I know him or not. The same with Xi Jinping. I’ve spent a lot of time with these folks. They know, they know [me].”

This, however, is an outright lie.

Joe Biden has never even met Kim Jong un. In fact, neither has his former boss, Saint Barack Obama, because the Obama administration refused to deal with Kim’s North Korean government during Obama’s eight-year regime.

Biden continues to be a major gaffe machine who seems determined to place himself in historical situations he was never in all in an effort to pump up his thin bonafides.

For instance, in August Biden insisted that he had received the parents and victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, when he was vice president. The problem with this proclamation is that he was out of office for months before the shooting even happened.

“I watched what happened when the kids from Parkland marched up.” Biden said in August. “I met with them. And then they went up on the Hill when I was vice president. And all those congressmen were like, ‘I’m not here, I’m not here.'”

Of course, the problem is, Joe Biden ended his term as vice president in January of 2017 and the Parkland shooting didn’t happen until the next year.

The fact is, Joe Biden has never met with the victims or families o the Parkland shooting.

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Booker Says His Nomination Will Win Back the Senate Days After His Super PAC Collapses

This oblivious optimism is not the stuff that presidents are made of.



Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, as they say.

The sheer glut of Democrats who are vying for the 2020 nomination tells us something about the party itself that few are willing to admit:  That a vast majority of liberals are incapable of accepting reality.  We have low-polling progressives clinging to the primary race as though they all have a shot at taking the Oval Office, despite the obvious and clear reality of the situation.  Those who remain in the race while polling in the sub-double-digits do so at their own peril, as the longer they remain in their un-winnable position, the less likely the part is to trust them on important matters.

This oblivious optimism is not the stuff that presidents are made of, after all.

Cory Booker appears to possess just such a stubborn demeanor, as he defies reality to claim that his hypothetical nomination would make him the party’s savior come next November.

From an appearance on MSNBC:

“I think if I’m the nominee, quite seriously, we’ll have a wave election that we can pull out. We can win the senate seat in North Carolina, in Georgia, South Carolina.”

He added, “If we get a nominee that can excite the entire base from suburban women to the African-American core of our party, we’re going to see us winning seats that people think we can’t win like North Carolina. We won it when Obama ran. And we can pick up Senate seats. So my goal is to win the Senate back.”

The bold and unbelievable proclamation comes just days after a Super PAC supporting Booker folded, having announced that they had only raised approximately 1/10 of their fundraising goals.

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