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As Coronavirus Conspiracies Continue to Spread, China Sends American Journalists Packing

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was irate upon hearing the news.



China’s reputation on the world stage has long been tainted by the actions of their authoritarian, communist regime, and the prolific spread of a deadly strain of Coronavirus in the world’s most populous nation certainly isn’t helping their reputation any.

China is the sort of nation where “win at all costs” is quite literal.  Their lax laws on labor and manufacturing have created an economic boom, as companies from around the globe look to exploit China’s underpaid and under-regulated work force.  The goods produced in China also aren’t beholden to the same environmental laws as the rest of the civilized world, creating a dire situation in where one of the largest nations in the world is running amok in terms of pollution.

When it comes to saving face, however, the tyranny of the communist regime in Beijing is extremely talented.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that reporters from the Wall Street Journal have been expelled from China while attempting to report on the true severity of the Coronavirus issue.

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China revoked the press credentials of three Wall Street Journal reporters based in Beijing, the first time in the post-Mao era that the Chinese government has expelled multiple journalists from one international news organization at the same time.

China’s Foreign Ministry said the move Wednesday was punishment for a recent opinion piece published by the Journal.

Deputy Bureau Chief Josh Chin and reporter Chao Deng, both U.S. nationals, as well as reporter Philip Wen, an Australian national, have been ordered to leave the country within five days, said Jonathan Cheng, the Journal’s China bureau chief.

The expulsions by China’s Foreign Ministry followed widespread public anger at the headline on the Feb. 3 opinion piece, which referred to China as “the real sick man of Asia.” The ministry and state-media outlets had repeatedly called attention to the headline in statements and posts on social media and had threatened unspecified consequences.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a heavy rebuke to Beijing over the expulsions, stating the American government’s hopes that the Chinese people will soon enjoy the same freedom of speech that much of the rest of the world already has access to.

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Dr. Fauci Takes Subtle Shot at China, as Movement to Blame Beijing Blooms

China’s bad data, whether negligent or nefarious, has cost us an untold number of lives.



These are undeniably dark times here in America, where, ironically, the weather has been mostly beautiful.

We are in the midst of a slow motion war, where each victory takes two weeks to manifest itself.  It’s a silent and isolated battle we’re fighting as well, and it makes us wonder if we’re all really doing it.  Is everyone safe?  The stress of it all will likely be a problem for many in the coming days.

But when the battle ends, or at least dies down a little, the stress and worry will begin to subside, and we will be left with questions like how did it get this bad?  The answer to that heavy question will likely revolve around China’s honesty when reporting the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak to the unsuspecting world at large.

A growing number of prominent politicians and pundits have begun to question what Beijing’s responsibility or culpability will be when it’s all said and done, if it is discovered that they intentionally mislead the world.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease specialist on the White House coronavirus task force, has now added a subtle jab of his own.

From an interview on PBS:

Fauci stated that in “early January…it became clear that what the Chinese had claimed originally, that this was just a virus that jumped from an animal reservoir to a human, and wasn’t being transmitted from human to human, well, it became very clear pretty quickly that that was not the case. … And when the numbers started coming in as to what the morbidity and the mortality was, it was during that period in early to mid-January that it became clear to me that this was not just another SARS, it wasn’t another MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.”

He added, “I don’t think anything would have prevented the spread of this virus. Once it emerged into society, with its capability of efficient spread and morbidity and mortality, that was it. But what could have been different…is that, if we had known that this was highly transmissible early on, when it was just in China, I think other countries would have maybe been more quick on the trigger to try and inhibit travel from China to their country. … So, that delay in transparency, I think, likely had an impact on what I just said, the awareness that this could seed the rest of the world.”

Last week Senator Marsha Blackburn went so far as to propose that China relieve a portion of the US debt they own commensurate to the economic impact that their negligence has caused.


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Mike Pence Slams China Over Data Deception as Calls for Reparations Grow

What did China know? When did they know it? Why didn’t they tell anyone?



There are some dark days ahead, America, and no respectable person would lie and tell you otherwise.

The peak of this crisis looks poised to hit us right around Easter Sunday, providing us with a resurrection motif that is too obvious to be clever, but too on-the-nose not to speak of.  Until that time, we can expect to encounter a situation worsening by the day, and grim images streaming in front of our very eyes.

And while our frontline medical employees are forced into the fray, battling this invisible enemy on the front lines, our lawmakers and government officials are beginning the task of figuring out just how it got to this.  It has become increasingly clear in recent days that China’s dissemination of manipulated data on the virus was a factor in the preparations being undertaken around the world, and it has some wondering if Beijing bears responsibility or culpability, (or both), in this catastrophe.

Vice President Mike Pence has apparently given it some thought.

In an interview on Fox News Radio’s “The Brian Kilmeade Show,” Pence said that China’s withholding of accurate information negatively impacted emergency response.

“There’s simply no question that China’s lack of candor to the world impacted the way the world was able to respond,” he concluded. “But, that being said Brian, I will tell you there will be a day for that discussion. And, right now we’re just going to continue to lean into this effort [to combat the pandemic].”

The Chinese outbreak was first reported late at the end of last year. It did not reach reports in the United States until mid-January when the first patient was diagnosed at an urgent care clinic in Snohomish County, Washington.

Now the number of confirmed cases worldwide is over 950,000 with just under 50,000 deaths. On Wednesday, the United States surpassed 210,000 reported cases with just over 5,100 deaths. China had recorded just over 82,000 cases before their numbers began to plateau.

Pence’s statement comes just hours after Senator Marsha Blackburn suggested that Beijing could relieve a portion of the United States’ debt to China commensurate to the losses suffered by Americans on account of the data manipulation.

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US Legislator Proposes Debt Relief from China After Their Coronavirus Coverup is Exposed

If a lump sum payment from China were to coincide with the restarting of the American economy, we can get ready to ring in a new roaring ’20’s.



As we begin to sink into the serious business of this coronavirus pandemic, Americans are being told to brace for grim days.

We are still perhaps two weeks out from seeing the “peak” of the virus here in the United States, where thousands of deaths per day could be coming at us from the nightly news.  It’s going to be a somber, hallowed time here in America, but, with the small sacrifices we are making today, we may have saved ourselves from the worst of it.

Then, as we emerge from the other side of this lonely, diet version of Purgatory, we will need to ask ourselves just how it got so bad?  So quick?  Many will then be pointing a finger squarely at China, as their data begins to look ever more suspicious thanks to the work of western scientists.  If there was a purposeful or strategic reason for their incompetence, you can bet that there will be hell to pay.

On US lawmaker is already brainstorming Beijing’s recompense.

According to the latest data from the U.S. Treasury Department, the United States owes nearly $1.08 trillion to Mainland China. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) argues China should consider waiving some of that debt given the communist nation’s role in the spread of the COVID-19/coronavirus.

During an interview that aired on Huntsville, AL radio WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show,” when asked, Blackburn explained ways to hold China accountable for the global pandemic, noting her effort to officially recognize China’s role and the debtor relationship the United States has with China.

“Indeed there is,” Blackburn replied. “One of the things is my Senate Resolution 553, which it expresses the sense of the Senate — that we know this came from Wuhan, China, and that they hid the information and were not transparent, that they blocked the World Health Organization and the CDC from coming into help. They tried to blame it on the U.S. military. And we hold them accountable.”

Blackburn had a little bit of a trade in mind.

“I will tell you I think we need to look at the fact that China owns over a trillion dollars of our debt,” she said. “They like investing in us. Why do they like that? Because we are a safe debt for them — a safe place for them to put their money. And knowing that they have made a global pandemic worse than it ever would have been because of their action — they should waive some of our debt. They have caused us a tremendous amount of loss of life, loss of businesses, suffering, inconvenience, shutting down our economy.”

If a lump sum payment from China were to coincide with the restarting of the American economy, we can get ready to ring in a new roaring ’20’s.



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U.S. Intelligence Tells Trump That China ‘Intentionally’ Lied About Coronavirus Outbreak



U.S. Intelligence told President Trump that China ‘intentionally’ lied about the coronavirus outbreak.

“China’s public reporting on cases and deaths is intentionally incomplete,” Bloomberg News reported, according to three U.S. officials that it spoke to. “Two of the officials said the report concludes that China’s numbers are fake.”

“The reality is that we could have been better off if China had been more forthcoming,” Vice President Mike Pence told CNN in an interview on Wednesday. “What appears evident now is that long before the world learned in December that China was dealing with this, and maybe as much as a month earlier than that, that the outbreak was real in China.”


The U.S. Intelligence Community reportedly presented President Donald Trump with a highly classified report last week that confirmed that communist China lied to the world about the number of cases and deaths it’s suffered from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, which originated in China.

CNN’s Jake Tapper highlighted a report yesterday from Radio Free Asia that stated that the number of deaths that China reported is significantly lower than the truth. RFA reported:

Wuhan resident Chen Yaohui told RFA that city officials have been handing out 3,000 yuan in “funeral allowances” to the families of the dead in exchange for their silence.

“There have been a lot of funerals in the past few days, and the authorities are handing out 3,000 yuan in hush money to families who get their loved ones’ remains laid to rest ahead of Qing Ming,” he said, in a reference to the traditional grave tending festival on April 5.

Chen said nobody in the city believes the official death toll.

“The official number of deaths was 2,500 people … but before the epidemic began, the city’s crematoriums typically cremated around 220 people a day,” he said.  More

Of course, they lied… They always do. No one should be surprised, but we all should be angry and they need to be held accountable. We also need to disconnect our dependency on them. Let’s not forget they were arresting citizens and doctors months ago for live streaming the truth.

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According to Urn Sales, China Could Be Lying About Coronavirus Death Toll

If this is true, and China had disguised the severity of the issue to a vulnerable international community, there is little doubt that some recuperations will be up for discussion in the near future.



There are some very serious concerns being raised regarding China’s willingness to divulge information in the face of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan that has now claimed thousands of lives around the globe, with many more still to fall ill and perish.

China has not maintained a very solid reputation for honesty in the international community, and there is ample evidence to suggest that they have not been very forthcoming when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic that began within their borders.  Given the tight grip that Beijing maintains on media coming in and out of the country, only a partial picture has thus far emerged about who knew what and when.

The small bits of alarming material that did surface, often via Twitter, seemed almost too gruesome to be true.  Many chalked these snippets up to conspiracy theorists juxtaposing unrelated footage over the pandemic.

Just today new evidence emerged of a gruesome commercial transaction that seems to indicate something is amiss in the Far East.

As families in the central Chinese city began picking up the cremated ashes of those who have died from the virus this week, photos began circulating on social media and local media outlets showing vast numbers of urns at Wuhan funeral homes.

People wearing face masks arrive at a railway station in Wuhan on the first day of inbound train services resumed following the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Wuhan of Hubei province, the epicentre of China’s coronavirus outbreak, March 28, 2020. (Reuters)

China has reported 3,299 coronavirus-related deaths, with most taking place in Wuhan, the epicenter of the global pandemic. But one funeral home received two shipments of 5,000 urns over the course of two days, according to the Chinese media outlet Caixin.

If this is true, and China had disguised the severity of the issue to a vulnerable international community, there is little doubt that some recuperations will be up for discussion in the near future.


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Journalist Suggests That China Pay for Global Economic Impact of Coronavirus

If Beijing didn’t do everything in their power to warn the world, there could be hell to pay.



As the severity of our current global pandemic continues to increase, there are renewed calls for clarity as to just what China knew about the virus, when they told the rest of the world, and what on earth they were doing in the interim.

Of course, China isn’t exactly known for having a forthcoming nature.  Beijing’s leaders have worked long and hard to conceal much of the nation’s secrets from the world, including a vast number of human rights abuses that have drawn international condemnation.

There are fears today that China not only failed to act in the immediate wake of the original COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, but that they also attempted to cover up the coming pandemic to divert the blame away from their weak reactionary measures.

Some are now openly calling for China to make a financial recompense to the rest of the world.

China should be held accountable for its conduct leading up to and following the global coronavirus outbreak, said Gordon Chang, Daily Beast columnist and author of The Great U.S.-China Tech War, offering his remarks on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host John Hayward.

“We probably will follow something close to a trajectory of the countries in Europe, which means we will have perhaps millions or tens of millions of Americans infected, hundreds of thousands of us will not survive this,” Chang stated. “So we have got to understand that however this came out of China — deliberate or accidental — we have got to cut our links with China. We have got to impose costs on China. We’ve got to defend the American Republic because this is an existential crisis for us.”

As the world exposes more information regarding China’s response to the coronavirus, calls for such financial recuperation could mount.

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Communist China Sold Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits to Spain and the Czech Republic

The communist criminals in China are at it again, this time selling faulty coronavirus test kits to Spain and the Czech Republic.



The communist criminals in China are at it again, this time selling faulty coronavirus test kits to Spain and the Czech Republic.

According to government officials in the two nations, up to 80 percent of the Chinese-made kits were no good, Yahoo News reported.

Up to 80 percent of the 150,000 portable, quick coronavirus test kits China delivered to the Czech Republic earlier this month were faulty, according to local Czech news site The tests can produce a result in 10 or 15 minutes but are usually less accurate than other tests. Because of the high error rate, the country will continue to rely on conventional laboratory tests, of which they perform about 900 a day.

Czech officials paid more than $546,000 for the fake test kits.

One government official, though, tried to wave off the problems with the kits saying that the faulty ones were just being used incorrectly.

Then again, he is trying to save face after spending so much government cash on the faulty kits.

As to Spain:

Meanwhile, Spain, which has more than 56,000 infected people and more than 4,000 coronavirus deaths, the second-highest number of fatalities in the world after Italy, found that the rapid coronavirus test kits it purchased from Chinese company Bioeasy only correctly identified 30 percent of virus cases, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais.

The director of Spain’s Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, said Spain tested 9,000 of the test kits and will return them based on their high error rate.

Once again, the world sees what cheating criminals the Chinese are.

If this coronavirus does not teach the world’s governments that dealing with the Chinese puts them in danger, I don’t know what will convince them.

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