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After Reading These Stories About Trump, You’ll Have a VERY Different Opinion of Him



““Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  ―George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss


Beneath the Tough Exterior

There is more to Trump than the streetfighter persona most people know.  The following stories are intended to give the reader a fuller glimpse of Trump the mensch.


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The Donald Helps Homebound Heroes

In 1991, back when Operation Desert Storm was being prosecuted by the US military, there were two hundred Marines whose flights home had been canceled, so they were stranded at a North Carolina airport.  Donald Trump heard about the situation and decided to act.  Trump stopped what he was doing and ordered his private jet to North Carolina, where it was to pick up the service members and deliver them home to Florida.  Two trips were needed, in order to transport everyone home, but everyone made it.  According to Corporal Ryan Stickney, “The way the story was told to us was that Mr. Trump found out about it and sent the airline down to take care of us.  And that’s all we knew. . . .  I remember asking, ‘Who is Donald Trump?’  I truly didn’t know anything about him.”


Trump Rewards a Good Samaritan

Closer to home, for the Donald, was an occasion when his own mother—who was 79 at the time—was mugged.  As fate would have it, a Good Samaritan in the form of a truck driver was passing by and witnessed the attack on Mrs. Trump (which caused her to suffer broken bones and facial bruising).  The truck driver “brought down the mugger and handed him over to justice,” causing him to receive three to nine years in prison. Trump treated the rescuer, his sister, and his son all to dinner, offered him a better job than the one he was already working, and gave him a check (for an unknown amount of money) to express his appreciation.


Trump Recognizes Buffalo Bus Driver

Buffalo, New York, bus driver Darnell Barton, as he left a bus stop around 3:50 PM on October 18, 2013, was heading south on Elmwood Avenue when he noticed a woman standing on the wrong side of the west-side railing of the Scajaquada Expressway overpass, leaning out over traffic.  “I didn’t think it was real with everything else going on around her.  Traffic was proceeding as normal and a couple of pedestrians walked right by her and a bicyclist rode by.  I mean, they were inches from her,” said Barton. Barton proceeded to open the door of his bus and ask the woman if she needed help.  She only gazed back in response to his query, so Barton went on to call the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority’s Metro Bus dispatcher to report what was occurring, after which he proceeded to the woman’s rescue.  When he found himself only steps away from the woman, Barton made a grab for the woman, asking her, “Do you want to come on this side of the guard rail now?”  The woman replied in the affirmative, and Barton completed the rescue by helping her over the railing and making sure she made it safely to the sidewalk.

When Barton was later recognized as a hero, he took the opportunity to compliment the students on his bus, saying how well they behaved and how encouraging that was to him.  Barton left out the detail that the students had energetically applauded him at the conclusion of his life-saving intervention.  Another person who was impressed by the bus driver was Donald J. Trump, of New York City.  Trump was so impressed with Mr. Barton that he awarded him a gift of $10,000. Said Trump, “I thought that was so beautiful to see.  I think he is a great guy with an amazing heart and I said that man should be rewarded.  Frankly, I’m very honored to help him out. . . .  The way he handled it was brilliant.”


Helping Jennifer Hudson

On October 24, 2008, Jennifer Hudson and some of her family members checked into the Trump International Hotel & Tower, in Chicago, courtesy of Donald Trump.  The reason for Trump’s footing the bill for the Hudson family was out of a sincere desire to protect the family, in the wake of the recent devastation the family had suffered.  On October 24, 2008, Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew had all been murdered.  “She’s a great girl.  And we’re protecting them well,” Trump remarked about Hudson and her family at a benefit where he was in attendance.


Trump Saves a Widow’s Farm

Another example of Trump’s compassion occurred in 1986, when a farmer by the name of Leonard Dozier Hill III committed suicide.  About to have his farm foreclosed on by the bank, it was Hill’s intention to have life insurance policies pay off the mortgage.  But none of his policies would pay, since each one had a clause prohibiting payment in cases of suicide.

Donald Trump got wind of the story and decided to step in to help the widow, 66-year-old Annabel Hill, to keep her farm.  Trump gave Mrs. Hill $20,000 out of his own pocket to get Mrs. Hill’s mortgage up-to-date.  Then Trump helped Mrs. Hill to raise the remainder of the balance owed by soliciting donations from people across the country, after which he and a Texas oilman pitched in the last $78,000 needed to complete the pay-off.

Speaking about Trump, Betsy Sharp, Annabel Hill’s daughter, said, “We saw a whole different side of him that was kindhearted, to reach out to us, to help us.  Most people don’t know and see that side.  All they see is just the ‘blurt’ that people put on the TV.  They don’t see the other side of him, and that’s what my family got to experience.”  Annabel Hill lived to the ripe old age of 91, dying in 2011, with the farm in the hands of her son, Leonard Dozier Hill IV.


Trump Helps a Marine in Distress

Sergeant Tahmooressi, a US Marine, was held in Mexico for a time, until he was finally released by a Mexican judge on humanitarian grounds.  Once Tahmooressi was discharged from prison, it was Donald Trump who stepped in to give the sergeant a helping hand, writing out a $25,000 check to help Tahmooressi get his life up and running again.

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren said the following: “In all seriousness, Donald did help out Sergeant Tahmooressi.  He sent him some money to help him jump start his life.  Sergeant Tahmooressi rotted in a Mexican prison for 214 days.  President Obama wouldn’t even pick up the phone to help.”

Tahmooressi was imprisoned when he accidentally entered Mexico, by way of a one-way street he could not exit from.  Upon notifying Mexican authorities that he just wanted to turn around and leave again—since he had guns in his car that would be illegal to possess in Mexico—Tahmooressi found himself under arrest and being prosecuted for weapons violations.  (It is ironic that illegal aliens from Mexico who intentionally break American laws go unprosecuted in the US, while Americans who accidentally break the law in Mexico are prosecuted to the maximum extent allowable.)


Trump Rescues a Three-Year-Old Orthodox Child

On July 20, 1988, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that Donald Trump had rescued an Orthodox Jewish boy named Andrew Ten by allowing the use of his private jet airplane.  The three-year old boy could not get from Los Angeles to New York for urgently-needed medical attention, because commercial airlines refused to transport a boy with a breathing ailment who needed to bring along his own life-support system, which included a portable oxygen tank, a suction machine, a breathing bag, and an adrenaline syringe.

Andrew Ten arrived safely in New York, with not only his parents, but three nurses in tow who were tending to him around the clock.  Trump had made his plane available for the special trip to New York after the boy’s parents, Judy and Harold Ten, called Trump and told him of their plight.

Harold Ten said Trump did what he did because “he is a good man.  He has three children of his own, and he knows what being a parent is all about.”  Ten quoted the Talmud, with regard to Trump, saying that, by saving his son, it is “as if he saved the entire world.”

Andrew, called Avraham Moshe in Hebrew, was taken from the LaGuardia to the Schneider Children’s Hospital of Long Island Jewish Medical Center, for evaluation and care.  Ostensibly healthy at birth, Andrew had fallen victim to attacks of breathing cessation and had, over time, lost his gag reflex and his ability to swallow, thus requiring the use of a feeding tube.  A sleep apnea alarm was also in regular use.  Trump’s generosity has been credited with saving Andrew’s life.

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Chick-fil-A Caves to Leftists, Will Stop Donating to Christian Charities

One of America’s favorite fast food places has finally caved into the hate-filled demands of leftists and has announced it will no longer donate to Christian charities.



One of America’s favorite fast food places has finally caved into the hate-filled demands of leftists and has announced it will no longer donate to Christian charities.

The nation’s favorite chicken sandwich place has been under fire from religion-hating leftists for decades over its frequent donations to organizations that espouse traditional Christian views against gay marriage and the radical homosexual lifestyle.

But on Monday, the company announced that it will no longer give to organizations that do not toe the radial LGBTQ line.

“We made multi-year commitments to both organizations and we fulfilled those obligations in 2018,” a representative for Chick-fil-A said, adding that its new donation scheme will focus on “education, homelessness and hunger.”

The restaurant reports that it intends to donate up to $9 million to charity include a $25,000 to a local food bank every time it opens a new location.

Critics say the change in practice was clearly made as the company looks to expand overseas, something it has not yet done much despite its success in the U.S.A.

“There’s no question we know that, as we go into new markets, we need to be clear about who we are,” Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Tassopoulos told Bisnow. “There are lots of articles and newscasts about Chick-fil-A, and we thought we needed to be clear about our message.”

A clue to the imputes for the change might be read into the company’s closing of its only British location which was shuttered in Reading, England, after rabid gay activists boycotted the place and threatened violence.

In the end, it is just another example of dangerous liberals getting their way by threats. But Chick-fil-A will not likely find sudden acceptance by the hate-filled left. Liberals have marked Chick-fil-A not for coopting, but for destruction. Rabid, slobbering, LGBTQ terrorists won’t be happy until the company disappears. This move by the restaurant will not in any way placate them.

Chick-fil-A has just sold out its principles for nothing.

And now, many of its loyal Christian customers will also abandon it:

As always, conservative satire site Babylon Bee had it just right:

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Veterans Day, 2019: Remembering America’s Beloved Veterans



America is a singularly different nation where it concerns our military veterans, and not just on Veterans Days. We love them. We even have a national holiday to honor them. This is not so in most of the rest of the world. Elsewhere soldiers are not as loved as they are here in these great United States.

Is that because the United States is the Sparta of the world, loving war more than anything else? Hardly. In fact it’s because our soldiers bring peace wherever they go, not perpetual war.

In other countries, soldiers are often the dregs of society, living off the people while at the same time lording over them with machine guns and violence.

In other countries the military is feared by both the people and the government because all too often the army is used to take power and steal away the government for its own aggrandizement. There is no accident that the word “coup” is one rarely spoken in the USA unless when viewing foreign news.

In other countries when people see soldiers they fear them, they loathe them. In other countries they don’t want to sit near soldiers on public transportation, they avoid eye contact. Here we shake their hand and ask if they need anything.

In the USA we respect our soldiers because as a rule they respect We The People as much as they respect the law.

When an American sees a soldier an American feels pride, not fear. When an American learns of a fellow’s service, an American is compelled to thank him for that service.

So, from us to you, our dear military veterans, we thank you. We thank you for putting your lives on hold while serving us, while making sure we are safe and able to go about our business unafraid of danger, and time and again for putting your own safety at risk.

Happy Veterans Day to you all.

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Mike Rowe Blasts Student-Loan Crisis: ‘We’re Rewarding Behavior We Should Be Discouraging’



Mike Rowe Blasts Student-Loan Crisis: ‘We’re Rewarding Behavior We Should Be Discouraging’

Mike Rowe blasted our country’s massive student loan debt as “nuts” saying that children are learning poor behavior by borrowing money they most likely won’t payback.

“This is why, in my opinion, we have $1.6 trillion of student loans on the books and 7.3 million open positions, most of which don’t require a four-year degree. We’re just disconnected. We’re rewarding behavior we should be discouraging. We’re lending money we don’t have to kids who are never going to be able to pay it back to train them for jobs that don’t exist anymore. That’s nuts.”

Watch the short clip below:


If you want to know how Mike Rowe feels about something, just ask him. He’ll tell you in no uncertain terms.

Rowe, the host of “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” and former host of of the hit TV show “Dirty Jobs,” appeared Thursday on Fox Business to promote his new book “The Way I Heard It.” On the show, Rowe was asked by host Stuart Varney what he thought about the $1.5 trillion federal student loan debt.

“We have unintendedly maligned an entire section of our workforce by promoting one form of education, in my opinion, at the expense of all of the other forms,” he said.

“Forty years ago, colleges needed a PR campaign,” Rowe added. “We needed more people to get into higher education, but when we gave the big push for college back the in ‘70s, we did it at the expense of alternative education. In other words, we told people, ‘If you don’t get your degree, you’re going to wind up turning a wrench.’ ” More

Watch the full video below:

Got to love Mike, he’s this generation’s, Paul Harvey. As usual, he nails it! The left doesn’t care about exploding student loan debt, they only want free college so that they can get even more people into their indoctrination mills.

The government loan programs have made the American taxpayer liable for any student defaults. Neither the banks loaning the money or the universities have any liability for bad loan decisions. This is a travesty. 

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30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Thirty years ago today the dreaded Berlin Wall fell in Germany. It is a day that should be celebrated in every school.



Thirty years ago today the dreaded Berlin Wall fell in Germany. It is a day that should be celebrated in every school, but a day few are remembering as more Americans than ever are falling for the lies of socialism.

The Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989, freeing half of an entire country from a 30-year-long prison sentence.

The loathsome wall was erected between the eastern and western sectors of the German city of Berlin starting in the year1961. On August 13 of that year, East German troops positioned themselves by the Brandenburg Gate and started sealing off the communist-controlled sector of the city.

The wall ran 155 kilometers around West Berlin and prevented all residents from being able to move freely between the east and west sectors.

The wall finally fell on Nov. 9, 1989, marking the beginning of the end of the communist-led regimes from Central Europe to Soviet Russia.

The wall was a prison made by communists and socialists to keep the western world out. It also served as a stark warning to citizens of the communist sector: cross and die. It is estimated that at least 80 East Berliners were gunned down by communist troops for trying to cross the wall to freedom in the west.

While the wall was intact, the world and modernity passed by the citizens of East Germany. East Germans will still living like it was 1961 when the wall finally fell.

Last week, a statue to Ronald Reagan was unveiled in Berlin to mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall. Regan defied international convention and his own speech writers to deliver a searing speech on June 12, 1987, demanding that the Soviets tear down the Berlin Wall. It took another 2 years, but that wall finally fell.

This is the sort of prisons socialism builds.

And yet, today Democrats in America are increasingly fascinated by socialism and communism and more Democrats than ever would love to vote for a socialist.

It only goes to show how our left-wing educational establishment has failed this country.

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William Shatner Gets Into Epic Twitter Feud With Millennials

“Sweetheart, that’s a compliment for me.” -William Shatner. 😂



William Shatner Gets Into Epic Twitter Feud With Millennials

“Star Trek” actor William Shatner got into a Twitter feud with millennials calling him a boomer: ‘That’s a compliment for me.’

He takes ‘entitled’ millennials to task in a heated Twitter exchange, calling one a diva and corrects her grammar after she blamed his generation for the ‘hardships’ she faces.

In case you didn’t know the phrase ‘OK Boomer‘ is used to show youthful annoyance at older people. 

Fox News:

“Star Trek” actor William Shatner got into a heated Twitter exchange with millennial users who incorrectly targeted him with the popular “OK Boomer” jab.

For those unfamiliar, “OK Boomer” is a popular phrase used to dismiss the opinions of baby boomers that younger people deem irrelevant or uninformed. Shatner was commenting on a back-and-forth between “Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron and viewers upset about Sean Spicer’s continued presence on the show when one of his followers directed the “OK Boomer” jab at the 88-year-old actor.

Shatner was born in 1931 and is, by definition, not a boomer. More

Boomer is the new dirty word to describe opposition to the socialist left. I love that he stands up to SJW’s, snowflakes and PC nonsense. Far better than the virtue-signaling celebrities that are now so prevalent.

Thank you, captain! I’d take Boomer over whiny, entitled millennial any day. I agree it’s a compliment even though I’m a gen X’er.

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Gov’t to Raise Vaping Age Limit to 21, Ignoring Black Market’s Role in Deaths

The feds are really missing the mark here.



There are few instances in which our government is more inept than when it is attempting to tackle the issue of illegal drugs.  Sure, there are plenty of bonehead moves outside of drug policy, but there is little doubt that the war on drugs takes the cake.

First, let’s look at what’s legal and what’s not.

Opioids:  Perfectly legal to possess and use, so long as a doctor said so.  But these pain pills have become the plight of the suburbs, as their active ingredient is the same as we find in heroin.  Instead of track marks, your average suburban junkie could instead be having a glass of chardonnay at the local Applebee’s while getting loaded from the pills in their purse.

Adderall, which we give our nation’s youth:  Perfectly legal with a doctor’s note.  Again, this is nothing more than the corporately-manufactured version of methamphetamine.  Heck, even generic Adderall simply comes in a bottle marked “amphetamine”.  They aren’t even trying to hide it.

But marijuana, a plant that makes some people feel a little funny, is highly illegal at the national level.  Furthermore, the black market created by this prohibition has killed and incarcerated untold numbers of Americans – including a rash of vaping-related deaths earlier this year.

Those deaths, which were falsely attributed to e-cigarettes, came after counterfeit marijuana vaping liquids were cut with vitamin e acetate – a compound that will turn phase into a gas at vaping temperatures, but then reconstitutes itself as a gel-like liquid as it cools.  That meant that users were coating their lungs with the normally harmless substance, essentially drowning themselves from the inside, unknowingly.

Now, in a stunning act of ignorance, the federal government has decided to move against the e-cigarette companies as opposed to tackling the black market of counterfeit marijuana vape cartridges.

The United States plans to raise the age limit for vaping to 21, U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday, adding that his administration would issue its final report on such products next week.

Trump, speaking to reporters at the White House, did not give further details about the administration’s regulatory plans or give a specific date for any announcements.

U.S. health officials have been sounding the alarm amid a nationwide outbreak of serous lung illnesses linked to vaping, and have raised concerns about the use of electronic smoking devices, particularly among youth.

To make matters ever more remarkably asinine, 21 years is already the legal age that you must be to purchase and use marijuana products in states where it is legal.  Were the federal government to nationally legalize marijuana it would not only completely decimate the black market that caused these deaths, but it would also decrease the number of underaged users at the same time, were they to adopt similar guidelines.

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Joy Behar Says Trump Rallies Are Full Of Paid Actors



Joy Behar Says Trump Rallies Are Full Of Paid Actors

Joy Behar: Trump thinks his voters are stupid; rallies are fake, full of paid actors.

Joy Behar claimed the ad was fake just like the people who go to his rallies: “To me that says that the Republican party thinks that their constituents are stupid because it says nothing. Those are all paid actors just like the ones who go to his rally.”

News Busters:

Just when you think things can’t get any more ridiculous on The View, the hosts spend time whining the President’s son’s Halloween costume is insensitive to animals. On Friday’s show, they also complained about a 2020 Trump campaign ad, which Joy Behar declared was full of paid actors “just like the ones who go to his rallies.”…

Afterward, all of the hosts, saved for Miami resident Ana Navarro, cheered President Trump’s decision to move his home residence to Florida. Behar actually thought this would hurt President Trump because New Yorkers didn’t like Trump so that meant Floridians wouldn’t either when he moved there because #logic:

“When he lived in New York, New York did not vote for him. Now they’re going to get to know him a lot in Florida, they will not vote for him there either!” she gushed. The hosts went on to trash a 2020 Trump campaign ad against impeachment.

“There was not one black woman in that ad!” Hostin gushed, repeating “They couldn’t pay a black actress, enough money to be in it!” More

Joy Behar is so blinded by her hatred of Trump, that she has convinced herself that the support shown by people at his rallies cannot possibly be genuine.

She is just a talking head. She parrots all the lies, spews all the hate, regurgitates all the poison from the leftist MSM and Deep State trolls. She’s a puppet, that’s all.

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