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Abortionists Planned Parenthood Using Tax Dollars in $45 Million Bid to Elect Democrats in 2020

Abortion mill operator Planned Parenthood is now using our own tax money to launch a $45 million campaign to back Democrats.



Abortion mill operator Planned Parenthood is now using our own tax money to launch a $45 million campaign to back Democrats in the coming 2020 elections. PP claims it will be its largest elections spending ever.

Planned Parenthood still gets millions of dollars a year in tax dollars from left-wing politicians who want to use our money to fund their blood lust. But now some small part of the millions PP gets from the tax payer will be pumped right back into politics to elect more abortion-loving, left-wing, anti-American Democrats.

Don’t believe a word of it if they say otherwise, either.

CBS “reporter” Kate Smith recently told viewers how “important” it was for PP to help Democrats win this year.

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“There is so much at stake if you are an abortion rights activist. Last year, you saw an unprecedented number of abortion restrictions and bans across the country,” she said according to Newsbusters. “This is not just the south and Midwest that we’re talking about. I think there were 38 different states that introduced these restrictions. They are really leaving no stone unturned. Every single state they are looking at, and how can they either find candidates that are less hostile toward abortion rights or in some cases, find candidates that are particularly open to reproductive health. For example, I spoke to a volunteer activist in Colorado. She was telling me that Colorado, there Planned Parenthood affiliates see patients from 38 different states.”

As Newsbusters added:

The campaign, dubbed “We Decide 2020,” will target five million voters in nine battleground states via “large-scale grassroots programs and canvassing, digital, television, and radio and mail programs.”

Smith interviewed Planned Parenthood Votes Executive Director Jenny Lawson who said, “The stakes have never been higher,” and admitted, “[The Trump Administration] has managed to undo so much over the last three years” while scaremongering that “this summer the Supreme Court might gut Roe v. Wade.”

According to Planned Parenthood’s own 2017-2018 annual report, the organization committed a record high number of abortions while receiving a record high $617 million in taxpayer funding – representing 37% of its overall revenue. And now it’s spending $45 million to elect Democrats.

Smith also passed on the Democrat talking points that the abortion mill is needed because, “Planned Parenthood does so much more than abortions, of course, they do birth control, STI screenings.”

Of course, the truth is no one who needs these services has to use PP to get them. There are plenty of other places to get them. Furthermore, PP hardly does any of these services in the first place. Well over half its “business” is abortion, not birth control or STI screenings.

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New Poll: Trump CRUSHES Sanders in Head to Head Vote

A new Rasmussen Poll finds that Trump is now beating Bernie Sanders in a head-to-had vote.



A new Rasmussen Poll finds that Trump is now beating Bernie Sanders in a head-to-had vote as the Democrat primaries continue to show Bernie Sanders in the driver’s seat for the Democrat nomination.

The latest Rasmussen Report national survey sees Trump at 50% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Sanders’ 43%. Seven percent said they are undecided.

“The incumbent president wins 84% of the Republican vote and leads 49% to 39% among voters not affiliated with either major party,” Rasmussen wrote. “Sanders captures 75% of Democrats, but nearly one-in-four Democratic voters (22%) opt for Trump instead.”

Rasmussen insists that Sanders’ socialist views are beginning to get noticed at long last, and voters are showing that he is just on the verge of losing his leading edge.

“With Sanders’ views getting a wider airing in recent days due to his front-runner status, these new findings suggest that’s true,” Rasmussen wrote. “Just two weeks ago, 51% of all voters considered it likely that any of the announced Democratic candidates could defeat Trump in the upcoming election. ”

As Dan Bongino noted, the metrics seem to be lining up in Trump’s favor:

1). At President Trump’s rally in Ohio, nearly half of attendees were either Democrats or independents. Twenty-three percent identified as Democrats, while 20.9% identified as independents.
2). At Trump’s rally in Wisconsin, the majority of attendees (57.8%) were not Republicans.
3). At Trump’s rally in New Jersey, 26.3% of attendees were Democrats, and 10% didn’t vote in 2016.
4). At Trump’s in New Hampshire, 25% of attendees were Democrats, and 17% didn’t vote in 2016.
5). At Trump’s rally in Arizona, 18% of attendees were Democrats, and 26% didn’t vote in 2016.
6). And at Trump’s rally in Las Vegas, 18% of attendees were Democrats, and 32% didn’t vote in 2016.

The Democrat primaries may be going Sanders’ way, but the general election appears to be Trump’s to win.

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Bernie Still Battling a Bombing Biden, Says ‘Conventional’ Race Can’t Win

Biden’s purported pull in The Palmetto State may have something to do with Sanders’ sudden interest.



The general consensus earlier this week seemed to be that Joe Biden was essentially done for, at least in terms of his viability in the 2020 race.

The former Vice President came in strong, making a rather large impact on the field during his first few months on the campaign trail.  Then, somewhat predictably, “Sleepy Joe” began to underperform.  He was often confused.  He made bizarre and archaic references that no one seemed to get.  His temper flared.

And then there’s that whole business about Ukrainian natural gas companies and his son Hunter.

Biden is back on the tongue of Bernie Sanders this week, however, perhaps as an attempt to whittle away at the former veep’s purportedly strong pull in South Carolina.

Bernie Sanders is going after Joe Biden, warning that a “conventional campaign” like the former vice president’s won’t defeat Donald Trump.

Speaking at a rally in North Charleston, S.C., Sanders called out his opponent by name, knocking Biden for voting for “terrible trade policies like NAFTA” and the Iraq War. Sanders charged that “you’re not gonna bring working people into the political process when you voted for a terrible bankruptcy bill.”

Sanders and Biden are vying for an edge in South Carolina. While Biden remains in the lead in surveys of the state and said during Tuesday night’s debate he plans to win the primary, Sanders has been gaining ground after a series of wins across the three previous primary states.

In North Charleston on Wednesday, Sanders told the crowd that with their help, “we are going to win South Carolina.”

If Biden can’t pull out a win in The Palmetto State, or at least a competitive second-place showing, it’ll be curtains for the longtime politico’s hopes of taking back the White House.

And, what’s more alarming for the Democratic Party:  This would mean that Bernie Sanders is now a shoe-in.


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So Far, Black Voters Not Much Interested in 2020

According to recent polls, the current crop of Democrat candidates for president are seriously underperforming with black voters.



According to recent polls, the current crop of Democrat candidates for president are seriously underperforming with black voters.

According to a poll by BlackPAC, more than one-third of the registered black voters surveyed expressed a desire for “someone else” to run for president.

Black voters are still overwhelmingly supportive of the Democrat Party, but they just aren’t excited by any of the Democrats running in the primaries.

Indeed, those surveyed seem to feel that the party became so obsessed with impeachment that they stopped working on issues that blacks care about.

According to Politico:

The Democratic Party maintains an overwhelming share of black support, with 70 percent saying they will vote for the party’s presidential nominee in November. Yet more than one-third of all black voters surveyed expressed a desire for “someone else” to run. Given the option to vote for the Democratic nominee, Donald Trump or a third-party candidate, Trump and the third-party candidate each received 12 percent of support.

“Black voters are extremely anxious right now about what’s happening in the country,” said Adrianne Shropshire, executive director of BlackPAC, citing the large percentages of survey participants who also expressed dissatisfaction with the economy and direction of the country. “It matters not the age category or people that live in rural or suburban communities. People are paying attention at a really high rate.”

Black support for President Trump is higher than any previous modern president, but blacks are still overwhelmingly on the left side of the aisle.

[T]he president and Republican Party as a whole remain very unpopular with black voters, as 76 percent of them disapprove of the president‘s performance and nearly 80 percent support his removal from office. Of the black voters who reported contact with the Trump campaign, 57 percent said it negatively influenced their willingness to vote for the president. Nearly a quarter of voters said defeating Trump was most important to them in November.

Still, the poll did show that black support for Democrats is not quite at the 93 percent support seen during the Obama era.

The Democrat Party desperately needs to keep blacks in thrall to the Democrat plantation, though. Even a ten percent loss will lead to electoral disasters all up and down the ticket. And while we may not be able to expect any great wave of blacks voting for Republicans, we could see more blacks staying home for 2020. And that would hurt the Democrats just as bad.

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Trump Blames Adam Schiff for Leak of Damaging Info on Bernie Sanders

The Democratic Civil War is real, and President Trump isn’t afraid to talk about it.



As the 2020 Democratic primary lurches ever forward into the year, there appears to be a new focus among the left wing establishment:  Stop Bernie Sanders.

The Vermont Senator is a radical figure in the party, having only recently identified as a Democrat for the purposes of presidential politics.  Before that, Bernie was just about as independent as it gets, and he has the long voting record to prove it.

The younger pockets within the progressive movement are enamored with Sanders, and they’ve come out in droves to support him.  It is this enthusiasm that has Sanders atop the 2020 field currently, but it frightens the party elders.

You see, Bernie’s democratic socialism is no match for incumbent Republican President Trump’s all-caps CAPITALISM, and the Senator stands no chance of defeating the Commander in Chief come November.

As such, there are a number of conspiracy theories floating around out there as to what the Democratic Party is willing to do to stop Sanders, including one that the President himself seems to put some stock into.

President Donald Trump suggested on Tuesday that Democrats who don’t want Bernie Sanders to win their party’s presidential nomination tried to hurt the senator’s chances by leaking information about Russian activities promoting his campaign. Trump gave no evidence for his claim.

“Bernie is probably winning — looks like he’s winning and he’s got a head of steam,” Trump said during a news conference near the end of his two-day visit to India. “And they maybe don’t want him for obvious reasons. … So they put out a thing that Russia is backing him.”

Trump accused California Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democratic chairman of the House intelligence committee, of leaking the information to the media. Schiff has denied the allegation.

The information in question has to do with intelligence showing that the Russian government is working nefariously to bolster Bernie Sanders’ campaign, as they believe the Vermont Senator cannot defeat Donald Trump.


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Sanders’ Previous Comments on Southerners Take Center Stage in South Carolina

Sanders insists that he’s running an inclusionary campaign, but southerners aren’t so sure about that.



When it comes to gaining the trust of the American electorate, politicians must be careful not to pigeonhole themselves into certain demographics.  Even more importantly, these same elected officials would do well to not exclude anyone either.

Such is the trouble with a long career in the political arena:  You are bound to have said something unkind or offensive at some point in your past, and those comments are going to make their way back into the spotlight every time you reach for the next rung on the proverbial ladder.

In Bernie Sanders’ case, just ahead of the South Carolina primary, one of the Vermont Senator’s previous insults of the southern people is coming back to haunt him.

Bernie Sanders, who suddenly is surging in the polls in South Carolina’s looming primary, once complained that too many southern states hold early primaries — griping that the calendar “distorts reality.”

The resurfaced remarks could prove awkward for Sanders as he hopes to further cement his front-runner status with a strong performance in the nation’s first-in-the-South primary this Saturday.

In a taping of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” in April 2016, Sanders, I-Vt., made the dismissive comment as he alleged the nominating process was “rigged” — after Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly defeated him in most southern primary contests.

“Well, you know, people say, ‘Why does Iowa go first, why does New Hampshire go first,’ but I think that having so many Southern states go first kind of distorts reality as well,” Sanders said, adding that he performs better in more “progressive” states.

Sanders is on top of the 2020 Democratic race as of this moment, with only a few real opportunities left for the remainder of the field to catch up to him.  Should he take South Carolina handily, there could very well be no stopping him.

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Democrats Take Aim at Bernie Ahead of Make-or-Break South Carolina Debate

What’s even more interesting is who’s abstaining from blasting Bernie.



President Trump has been given quite the gift in Bernie Sanders.

You see, the Vermont Senator acts as the perfect antithesis to the Trumpian ethos.  He is a man who represents the opposite of opulence, and as such, makes for the Hollywood style nemesis to any man who owns a toilet plated in gold.  The young people within the Democratic Party want Sanders to take the reins of the organization and yank the steeds hard to the left.

This idea scared the bejeezus out of moderate, middle America and, as such, doesn’t stand a chance against the mainstream, tested capitalism that Donald Trump represents.

The Democratic establishment understands that a Bernie nomination spells doom for them, and they are banding together to prevent this nightmare from coming to fruition.

Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, highlighted Sanders’ call for a government-financed health care system as an example of his “polarization.” Former Vice President Joe Biden accused Sanders of trying to undermine President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection. And former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg assailed Sanders’ record on gun control.

The Sanders camp is feeling it.

Sanders senior adviser Jeff Weaver said there was an “air of desperation” to the fresh attacks on his candidate.

“You’ve got candidates, you’ve got super PACs, all piling on to stop Bernie Sanders,” Weaver said. “They know he has the momentum in the race.”

Noticeably absent from the critical cabal was Senator Elizabeth Warren, who many have considered a possible pick for VP should Bernie all but seal the deal.  This move would unite the radical wing of the Democratic voter base and, if announced just ahead of Super Tuesday, would almost guarantee Sanders the momentum needed to snatch the nomination.

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Democratic Civil War: CNN Gives Instructions on How to Beat Bernie

Will there be anything left of the Democratic Party when this is all said and done?



The Democratic Party has gone full Donner Party this week, as the left cannibalizes its entire supporter base ahead of the 2020 election.

The organization is split right down the middle, with radical progressives amassing under the Bernie Sanders banner and moderate centrists playing the role of political anchor, dredging up the grime from the lake bottom as the other side drags them kicking and screaming into the future.

Now, as the clock continues to tick on the primary, Sanders has taken a resounding lead.  This has the Democratic establishment out in full force, trying to wedge one of their more moderate candidates into top spot.

They’ve even managed to recruit some help from CNN in the process, who reported this week on exactly how to beat Bernie:

“If no one drops out by Super Tuesday, is it even possible to stop Bernie Sanders?” NBC’s Chuck Todd asked former Obama White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer on Sunday. “I do not believe it is,” responded Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer is very likely right. But if there is a way to stop — or at least slow — Sanders, most Democratic insiders are convinced it’s this: Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama get behind an alternative candidate to the Vermont senator. Not only that, but the Obamas make their endorsements soon — like pre-Super Tuesday — and they urge all of the other candidates to get out of the race ASAP.

Why might this work? Because the Obamas are hugely popular figures among Democrats — especially African-Americans, who would be the first building block of any candidate trying to build a coalition to beat Sanders. Obama left office in early 2017 with 6 in 10 Americans approving of the job he did as president, and those numbers have only improved since — as people forget what they didn’t like about his presidency and remember the good times.

The insinuation that the Obamas could get involved to beat Bernie will almost certainly rile up the conspiracy theorists among the Vermont Senator’s supporter, many of whom already suspect that something foul is afoot in the delegate gathering process.

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