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A Public School Can Ban Oreos and Peanut Butter, but 6-Year-Old Meat is Okay



We reported the other day about a five-year-old who was prohibited from eating the Oreos her mom packed in her lunch. The cookies were confiscated from the child whose lunch also consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich and string cheese. A school official sent a note home to the child’s parents, notifying them that the Oreos were not “healthy,” and that since it was a public school setting, they’ve got nutritional rules that all parents must abide by when packing their kids’ lunches.
(On a separate note, it doesn’t make sense to describe food as being “healthy” or “unhealthy,” unless you’re actually referring to the food’s wellbeing. I think what they mean is “healthful” and “unhealthful.” Those words refer to the effect the food has on the person’s wellbeing. In other words, healthful food is food that’s good for you. Healthy food is…food that’s in good health? Maybe these school officials should stop pretending to be diet and nutrition experts and instead focus a little more on grammar and diction.)
In addition to banning cookie snacks, peanut butter was listed as an “unhealthy” snack and was therefore also prohibited from student lunches. And if potatoes are packed in a lunch, there must also be bread along with them. (I still don’t get that one.)
These school officials view themselves as diet and nutrition experts. But we’ve all heard the stories and seen the pictures of public school cafeteria food. You know, the “healthy” rotting fruits and vegetables and mystery meat. The latest school food news comes from a Tennessee school district that served 6-year-old pork to students. I can just smell the freezer burn. Here’s EAG News:

Meat dating to the year of President Obama’s first inauguration was served to students in some Hawkins County, Tennessee schools last week.

Hawkins County Commissioner Michael Herrell was alerted after a cafeteria worker sent him a photo of the pork roast they used for school meals was from 2009.

The 6-year-old meat had been frozen and then was thawed for meal preparation, according to WCYB.

Herrell said the photo was taken at Joseph Rogers Primary School where the staff decided not to serve the meat. However, it was served at other schools.

Cherokee Comprehensive High School, for example, served the pork after a debate.

According to Herrell, the woman at Cherokee High who was concerned about it said the meat smelled so bad they made gravy to put over it to give it a better smell and taste, WBIR reported.

“I’m disappointed the school system let this happen,” said Herrell, who is also a parent. “To me, if we’ve got meat that old, I don’t understand why.”

Director of Schools Steve Starnes learned about the issue on April 23rd and said that the meat passed their tests.

Starnes said, “There were some meats with dates of 2009, 10, 11 in the freezer. Our child nutrition supervisor had the cafeteria managers look at the meat, do the tests, and see if it was OK. The decision was made to serve it.”

“If you see on the USDA website, it’s safe indefinitely, just like anything you check it,” according to Starnes.

However, WCYB reports that, according to USDA guidelines, uncooked meat should be frozen only up to 12 months.

While so far there are no reported illnesses tied to the meat, the Board of Education Chair says they’re not sure how many of the more than 7,000 students in the district actually ate the outdated pork.

They had to smother the stuff in gravy just to cover up the foul smell. And they still served it.
These same people would confiscate a kid’s peanut butter, because it’s “unhealthy,” but they’d serve old, freezer-burned meat that had a stench that had to be covered up with gravy.
A little off topic, but isn’t it a little odd that public schools are starting sex education for younger and younger students, and the argument in support of it is that “well, they’re going to do it anyway.” They wouldn’t dare tell kids that it’s wrong to engage in such behavior at their young age. They wouldn’t want to be judgmental or preachy. They want kids to be able to make their own decisions. If they want to have sex at 12, they should be allowed to as long they’re comfortable with it. And if a pregnancy results, we should obviously allow the young mother to abort the baby and not even have to tell her parents she did it. It’s not any of their business anyway. She should be allowed to make her own choices with her own body without interference from her parents.
But Oreos and peanut butter? That’s anathema that no one should be allowed to put in his body. (Six-year-old meat is fine though.)

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WATCH: Black University Student Tells Whites to Get Out of ‘Multicultural Center’ at UVA

Video of a black female student at the University of Virginia raised eyebrows when she was heard saying there were “too many white people” at the school.



Video of a black female student at the University of Virginia raised eyebrows yesterday when she was heard railing about how there were “too many white people” at the school’s “multicultural center.”

How tolerant and multicultural of her, huh?

This ignoramus is heard saying, “Public service announcement! Excuse me! If ya’ll didn’t know, this is the MSC (Multicultural Student Center) and frankly there’s [sic] just too many white people in here and this is a space for people of color,” she said.

“So just be really cognizant of the space that you’re taking up because it does make some of us POCs (people of color) uncomfortable when we see too many white people in here,” this hater adds.

“It’s only been open for four days,” she said of the idiotic center, “and frankly there’s the whole university for a lot of ya’ll to be at. And there’s very few spaces for us to be at.”

“So, keep that in mind. Thank you,” the student concluded to the applause of the mind-numbed fools she was addressing.

The video, though, made its way online thanks to the conservative group Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and quickly went viral.

“Leftists at the University of Virginia are dictating who is and who isn’t allowed in the new Multicultural Student Center,” YAF said of the video. “This kind of racist intolerance is NOT multicultural.”

After the video went viral, the school tried to defuse the situation with university spokesman Brian Coy saying, “I believe deeply that we need to build a community that is not just diverse, but also inclusive.”

The school added via Twitter:

“UVA this month introduced four new and expanded student centers in Newcomb Hall. Since the opening, some questions have been raised regarding the scope or inclusivity of these centers and their missions.”

“In order to foster the diversity of experience and ideas that make UVA a great and good place to study and work, these centers are open to all members of the University community,” a statement from UVA said. “They complement existing student-focused spaces such as the 1515 Building on the Corner, opened in March 2017, and Ern Commons in the Alderman Road residential area, opened in March 2012.”

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New York Teaching Pre-K Kids About LGBTQ, Transgender ‘Rights’

Tax-funded, Pre-K schools in New York City are teaching four and five-year-old kids about gay and transgender “rights.”



Tax-funded, Pre-K schools in New York City are teaching four and five-year-old kids about gay and transgender “rights” instead of letters, colors, shapes and other appropriate subjects for small tots.

New York Post writer Andrea Peyser alerted the Big Apple to the left-wing, political activism masquerading as lessons for tiny kids.

One father of a pre-K kid said he was horrified by what his child was being taught.

“I was kind of horrified,” the father of a preschooler told Peyser “They say they’re trying to reduce racism and discrimination. To me, they’re perpetuating it, fomenting a sense of victimhood that 4-year-olds would never consider on their own.”

Apparently the curriculum was created by radical race-group, Black Lives Matter:

In an e-mail to parents and caregivers on Jan. 16, teacher Rosy Clark lays out lessons based on the Black Lives Matter Week of ­Action for a pre-kindergarten class at PS 58, located in well-regarded District 15 in Carroll Gardens.

“This year, the week is Feb. 3-7. We are starting to talk about these ideas now, as we approach Martin Luther King Jr. Day [which was Jan. 20], and as we prepare to go into February, Black History Month,’’ teacher Clark, who is white, writes. The student population is also mainly Caucasian.

“I am lucky enough to work at this wonderful school where we strive to help our students understand the complex world around them and think critically about how they can participate in improving it. One of the ways I do that in my classroom is by exploring the 13 Principles of the Movement for Black Lives.’’

The teacher added that she did not plan to talk about current events and police brutality because that subject matter was not appropriate for tiny tots.

But the teacher did not seem to have a problem with teaching point number six:

Then there’s Principle No. 6: “Transgender Affirming,’’ Clark writes. “Everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind. Everyone gets to choose if they are a boy or a girl or both or neither or something else, and no one gets to choose for them.”

And. No. 7: “Queer Affirming.’’ The principle here is that “everybody has the right to choose who [sic] they love and the kind of family they want by listening to their own heart and mind.’’

Then, point 12, “Black Women,” was also a political football instead of an appropriate message for tiny kids:

“There are some people who think that women are less important than men,’’ the teacher writes. “We know that all people are important and have the right to be safe and talk about their feelings.’’

How is it that this is appropriate for a 4-year-old child?

None of this stuff is appropriate for a tiny tot who is barely yet speaking clearly.

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Yale University Dumps Famed Art History Course Because it is ‘Too White’

Yale University is dumping its famous art history course because it is about too many “white people.”



Yale used to have the premiere art history course in American education. But now the famed Ivy League school is dumping that course because it is about too many “white people.”

As Yale Daily News reported, the course has been highly celebrated:

Decades old and once taught by famous Yale professors like Vincent Scully, “Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present” was once touted to be one of Yale College’s quintessential classes. But this change is the latest response to student uneasiness over an idealized Western “canon” — a product of an overwhelmingly white, straight, European and male cadre of artists.

Instead of teaching actual western art history, though, now the course will be used to tear down great western art.

The revamped course will now be used to show that art history is “problematic” and “a product of an overwhelmingly white, straight, European and male cadre of artists.”

The paper went on with quotes from professor Tim Barringer, the lunatic leftist now running the course.

“I believe that every object I discuss in [“Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present”] (with the possible exception of one truly ghastly painting by Renoir) is of profound cultural value,” Barringer said in an email to the News. “I want all Yale students (and all residents of New Haven who can enter our museums freely) to have access to and to feel confident analyzing and enjoying the core works of the western tradition. But I don’t mistake a history of European painting for the history of all art in all places.”

Instead of this singular survey class, the Art History Department will soon offer a range of others, such as “Art and Politics,” “Global Craft,” “The Silk Road” and “Sacred Places.” Barringer added that in two or three years, his department will offer a substitute class to “Introduction to Art History.” But the new class “will be a course equal in status to the other 100-level courses, not the introduction to our discipline claiming to be the mainstream with everything else pushed to the margins,” Barringer said.

Barringer added that his new course will shoehorn in “questions of gender, class and race” into the course.

But some students worry that eliminating the class is a disservice to students.

“My biggest critique of the decision is that it’s a disservice to undergrads,” Class of ’22 student Mahlon Sorensen said. “If you get rid of that one, all-encompassing course, then to understand the Western canon of art, students are going to have to take multiple art history courses. Which is all well and good for the art history major, but it sucks for the rest of us, which, I would say, make up the vast majority of the people who are taking [HSAR 115].”

It’s just another example of our system of higher miseducation trying to destroy American education in favor of pushing anti-American and racist ideologies.

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University of Minnesota Faculty, Staff Forced to Take LGBT Pronoun Training

The University of Minnesota has forced all employees to undergo “LGBTQ pronoun training.”



The University of Minnesota has forced all employees to undergo “LGBTQ pronoun training” in this new era of left-wing thought crimes.

The school told employees that the training was aimed at making the campus a more welcoming environment for “transgender” and “non-binary”members of the school community.

The university announced the program in 2018, but now it is in full swing. The school told employees that they “are expected to use the names, gender identities and pronouns specified to them by university members.”

According to the Minnesota Daily, all members of the university will be forced use the “correct” pronouns and will be “tasked with working to educate their colleagues, helping them work through questions and mistakes.”

Employees are also told that the program “aims to spread education to different areas of the University by assigning staff who are familiar with their unit’s culture.”

The paper adds:

Noelle Noonan, director of student affairs and registrar in the Law School, applied for the spring cohort of the training program.

She emphasized the importance of living out the policy and modeling behavior for others.

“I think this is a good opportunity for individuals who are passionate and are interested and want to dedicate that time and energy to sort of be champions of that policy,” she said.

Facilitator Erin Keyes, who is also the assistant dean of students in the Law School, said in an email to the Minnesota Daily that a training session took place earlier [last] week for Law School employees.

“The Facilitator Training Program for Gender Equity Access allows the Law School to better recognize and honor gender diversity in our community, knowing that it is an essential piece of who we are,” she said in the email.

So, this is the crap that they are teaching our kids, folks.

Instead of teaching something useful, they are teaching this garbage.

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Texas Teacher Catches Flack for Putting Rape Question on Homework Assignment

A Texas high school teacher was given “corrective action” over a homework assignment with a question about rape.



A Texas high school teacher was given “corrective action” over an “inappropriate” homework assignment that included a question about rape.

The controversial question was asked last Friday of 90 biology students at Klein Collins High School outside Houston, according to the New York Post.

“Suzy was assaulted in an alley and is a victim of rape,” read the assignment. “The police collected a sample of sperm that was left at the crime scene and now have three suspects in custody. Which of the suspects raped Suzy?”

The students were then given three choices of DNA samples to match the original DNA found at the example crime scene.

The school district, though. said the question was not part of the school curriculum and is not representative of its educational philosophy.

“The district has investigated the source of the materials and appropriate corrective action has been taken,” the district said in a statement to the press.

“A spokesman for the Klein Independent school district declined to provide additional details, including whether the teacher who assigned the question will be disciplined and exactly how it became assigned,” the Post added.

Even more parents expressed their shock over the question once the media picked up on the story.

“It’s upsetting and I know girls this age, just the thought … they know that rape is forced non-consensual sex and that upsets them,” Cookie VonHaven, the parent of a tenth-grader at the school, told KPRC TV. “That’s why I can’t fathom a teacher putting that on a test.”

Another parent, Dana Duplantier, was not sure if her child had been given the assignment, but still noted it was not appropriate.

“Wouldn’t [the teacher] have to get that approved by the school board or teachers or something to put that in there?” Duplantier said.

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DISGUSTING: Soaring Number of Young People Who Say Other Countries are Better than the U.S.A.

The number of young Americans who think that other countries are better than the U.S. is soaring thanks to our education establishment.



The number of young Americans who think that other countries are better than the U.S. is soaring thanks to our education establishment that has become a force for evil in this country.

As the Daily Wire reported:

A new survey by Pew Research Center asked 9,895 people a series of questions about America. Most Americans polled agreed that the United States “stands above all other countries” (24%) or that it is “one of the greatest countries, along with some others” (55%).

More than one-fifth (21%), though, said “there are other countries that are better than the U.S.”

The number was even more egregious when the sample was winnowed down to just young people who identified as liberals.

Fully 47 percent of young liberal Americans aged 19-29 preferred other countries to the U.S. Only 19 percent of Republicans in that age range felt other countries were better than the U.S. 36 percent of liberal youngsters also said that other countries are greater than the U.S.

Age differences in these views are evident within both partisan coalitions but are particularly wide among Democrats. Nearly half (47%) of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents under 30 say there are other countries that are better than the U.S., as do roughly a third (34%) of those ages 30 to 49. By comparison, just 20% of Democrats ages 50 and older say this.

Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, 19% of adults under 30 say there are other countries that are superior to the U.S. In contrast, just 4% of Republicans 50 and older take this view.

The results were the worst Pew ever saw.

“Views of how the U.S. compares with other countries have long been divided along partisan lines,” Pew said. “But these differences have widened in recent years as Democrats have become more likely to say there are other countries that are better than the U.S. In telephone surveys, the share of Democrats saying this is higher than at any point since the question was first asked by Pew Research Center in 2011, and there has been a corresponding decline in the share saying the U.S. stands above other nations.”

This is all the fault of our fetid schools that are teaching millions of American students that the U.S.A. is a rotten place and that our entire history is evil.

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New California Law Bans Schools From Suspending Students Who Disobey Teachers

A new law in California now prevents schools from suspending kids for rebelling against teachers.



In another example of why our schools fail to teach anything to kids, a new law in California now prevents schools from suspending kids for rebelling against teachers.

The new law that bans suspensions takes effect on January 1, 2020.

During the first year, the law will prevent schools from punishing kids who defy administrators or teachers in the first through fifth grades.

Then starting in 2021, the law will broaden to effect kids up to the eighth grade.

No wonder kids don’t learn anything in school. Their environment is as wild as a zoo, and laws like this now bar teachers and administrators from imposing any order whatever.

Unsurprisingly, the law was introduced and signed because liberals claimed the suspensions were “racist,” and were “disproportionately” used against students of color.

A second new law affecting the state’s schools mandates a new start time for classes.

The second new law prevents schools from starting class before 8:30 AM for high schoolers and 8 AM for middle schoolers.

Critics of this measure say that the change in start times will cost the schools millions to make the adjustment.

A third law allows schools to ban cell phones in the classroom, except for special situation, such as or medical reasons.

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